Quiz Results

I kinda got bored posting stuff about movies so here, some ever so lovely quiz results, always fun when you’re bored. I will post something about the Fav. Movies Week tommorow, just enjoy this for now I suppose. If you wanna know where I took the quiz just ask and I shall tell you.

First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes

The Stonewall

Your lips are ZIPPED.

Deep, Forest Green

You are jelly beans!

Prom night fantasy?  You might prefer a more casual celebration.
You are midnight.
Comments? Always appreciated.

2 Responses to “Quiz Results”

  1. Paparazzi reminds me of the song from Lady Gaga paparazzi.

    Note: I don’t expect you to allow my comment, since of the incident with Willow. Looks like were not friends.

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