Picture Gift

For Willowbatel, drawn yesterday after reading his latest post. Although he’s probably feeling better now, just felt kinda sad. I really am sorry to hear you’re being troubled and such. I do hope you get past all this. Ha, but slight problem, not sure what you really look like, so I just went with what you might have looked like. Oh, and I cheated by blacking out the face, cause he’s supposed to be sad.

Comments? Always appreciated.



10 Responses to “Picture Gift”

  1. AWWWW. I’m sorry I didn’t find this sooner! I haven’t had anytime to go through my followed blogs. Aww sammy! You make me feel so special lol. Thank you, and I’m feeling much better.

    Andrew you had nothing to do with it. You’re rather insignificant in my life, and certainly don’t have enough influence to make me depressed, let alone suicidal.

    • dude, I caused this post, remember my stupid comment. Also I have a post about you too.

      • Dude, don’t give yourself credit. Does this post have ANYTHING to do with you? No. Sammy posted this because she felt sorry for my depressed mood. You didn’t make me sad, you only pissed me off. And you didn’t do that until after I was in a good mood. So check yourself.
        And I can’t wait to read it.

        Oh and thanks again Sammy. I’m sorry I’m ruining this with an argument. Hopefully it will be done with shortly (but it’s not likely).

      • Ah ah ah Willow. Oh my gosh. Willow, you are very lucky to have a nice blogger her. Her name is Sammy and she is the most respectful blogger I have seen in my life. Willow, you put me on spam just because I pissed you off? Wow! Couldn’t you be more specific. I made a stupid comment, I also apologized to you. If I got pissed off I would be angry for a few days then start going to my normal self. This has happened to me a few times in the real world. Just putting me on spam forever just because I pissed you off was real mature of you. Like really Willow?

        Right now I am pissed off, but I will go to my normal self again. You were also judging me for posting late all the time especially when I was just a beginner. You were also pissing me off, yet I did not put you on spam. You also came to my blog first Willow. Not me. I didn’t even come to your site until you commented on my blog.

        Sammy, I know you are going to say what I said was rude, and mean (meaning you are going to take Willow’s side). I really understand, but I was getting sick of Willow treating me meanly.

      • You did nothing to cause this post, I would have drawn it either way, Willow was feeling sad on his own accounts and your comment on his blog, I can honestly say you had nothing to do with this, I’m not taking sides.

        But it was rude to say those things, and well blocking you was Willows choice but on all levels you didn’t cause me to draw this for him, so with all respect don’t flatter yourself Andrew, please.

        And on one last note Andrew I thank you for thinking so highly of me, I’m glad you think of me as respectful. But like other situations on WordPress from my own experiences and what I’ve seen frrom yours, saying sorry doesn’t always glue things up. Sorries like that are for children…

        And yes Andrew, please don’t use sarcasm when talking to people especially don’t use it that way, it was mature of Willow to block you andd instead of replying nastily to your comment he simply blocked to put and end to it, I’m sorry that you’re still frusterated with ithe situation.

    • Well I don’t like being irritated all the time. So instead of continuing to get mad at you, I decided so save myself the trouble and not allow anymore of your ignorant remarks. It wasn’t just the one comment that was bad; you’ve had quite a few irritating ones. That last one just happened to be a really big mess up on your part.
      Judging? I wasn’t judging. I was advising. You wanted to know how to be a better blogger and I gave you my advice. Sorry if you didn’t like it but that’s your problem, not mine.

    • And I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to reply to your comment yet! But dude people should always make you feel special, its not like there is another one of you. ;)

      I was happy to draw it, glad it made you feel better and sorry about any inaccuracy in your appearence. x)

  2. That’s nice of you Sammy :) Oh, if you want some extra views sign up your blog at my Blog of the Day: http://farmvillevalley.wordpress.com/blog-of-the-day/

  3. I really feel guilty now, urghhh! (Sobh)

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