Music Video Favorites

Sorry for not posting yesterday guys, I was really busy. And I promise to reply to all your comments soon, but when I have time. Other news got my teeth cleaned on Tuesday, and I’m going to a friend’s birthday party on Friday.

But here are some of my all time favorite MUSIC VIDEOS, they aren’t all necessarily my favorite songs, just videos.

Comments? Always appreciated.



4 Responses to “Music Video Favorites”

  1. Good choice, evanescence ah reminds me of the early years of senior school :)
    AFI = win in general, what an amazing band, they named my blog pretty much haha

  2. Olga

    Otkuda material ?

  3. OOOH! AFI (a fire inside) I remember the lyrics from the song: hey miss my life can I, take my life!!!! I played this song on Rock band unplugged.

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