Most Beautiful Song That Ever Was

Listen to it, speaks ylAtcBaxCe wDohE IF leGefH. And if anybody can figure out that meassage, tell me so and I would certainly love to hear your opinion of my personality. Truly is a lovely song. Please I beg you to listen to it, the most beautiful song if there exhists such a thing as ‘beauty’.

Lyrics: [LINK]

Comments? Always appreciated.



11 Responses to “Most Beautiful Song That Ever Was”

  1. I am sorry I keep bragging about my new posts. I just took Willow’s advice to post everyday. And now I am barely getting any new comments.

    But besides that, the song sounds peaceful.

    • Maybe you should try, erm… well being more of a “peoples person”. Willow gets so many views because well, he’s a likable person, I guess. Not because he posts everyday.

      I thought it was peaceful too.

  2. really r u happy i am back

  3. well whatever then

  4. no no I listened, but the ways the words in the song are said has a different feel than the words do. speaks exactly how I feel could mean the singer speaks the woay you feel or the lyrics are like what you feel. get it> :D

    • There is a word for that but I can’t remember… what it is exactly, even the way the words are spoken like you said before. I don’t think you understand its not either of those things really.

  5. I read the code. I dont quite know what you mean, though. The words? or the way the words are spoken?

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