Plastic Plants & Cruise Liners

Aren’t they just the worst? If you want plants in your house that bad, buy real ones. They help get rid of harmful chemicals in the air, or in other words purify. But you now the one thing I hate more than plastic plants?

Cruise Liners, I hate them so. So much hatred, more like paranoid dementia but you get the point, I can handle boats, boats I’m fine with. And sailing on them too, on lakes or ponds and the ocean. when you can still see the mainland or you aren’t to far off.

Anyways just don’t like being out on the ocean for prolonged periods of time, I don’t get seasick or anything like that, just don’t like it. I can be on for a day or two at most. But I just imagine us floating on and on and on in the middle of oceanic nothingness. HATE THEM.

Comments? Always appreciated.



7 Responses to “Plastic Plants & Cruise Liners”

  1. Do you want to work at my blog sammy and if anyone else wants to just post Yes after this comment.

    • Yes please. If you want me. I only started my blog. Though I almost have 6,000 views. You can tell me what to post about. So yes again.

    • Well, I’m not really that into Twilight… And I kinda of work at three other places already, I’m really sorry. But I don’t think I should… :(

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  3. I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE PLASTIC PLANTS. It’s like, get some dirt and a plant and GROW something! It’s not hard, it’s good for your house, you, and your pets, and it’s much better for the energy flow. We only have a few fake plants in the house, but only one of them is visible at the moment. I made my mom put all the others away. We would I want to look at a fake orchid when I have a real one in bloom which makes my whole dinning room smell sweet? Oh that’s right, I don’t.
    I’d go crazy from the lack of space. I’d in EVERY nook and crany within the first few days, but after that I’d be ready to be off. I love the ocean, I just don’t like to be in/on it for too long. And cruise liners SERIOUSLY pollute so I’m much happier on land. Which is bizarre because I’m an Air sign.

    • Ya, its not that hard. Or are the people who buy those just to lazy to go the store and a bag of seeds, or sapling or, a flower in pot? I mean if they have a plastic plant already they must have been to the store at one point where they ALSO have real plants.

      Actually my mom said the ctuise libner she went on was really big, but yeah same here. I’d go exploring for the first few days, and then just be bored the whole time. And again same thing with me, I love the oceans beauty to bits and pieces but I just don’t like being out on water for to long, its seriously unnerving. Yep, they are really bad polluters.

      Oh cool, you’re an air sign. I’m a water sign myself, a Scorpio. So whats your star sign? If you’re an air sign…. hmm, you’d either have to be Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, right? The one thing that angered me most the last few years is that the science community has dubbed that Pluto is no longer a “real planet”, where as a Scorpio, my planets are Mars and Pluto.

      Pluto can’t just stop being a planet just because they say so, and the weird thing is before I even knew about my star sign, Pluto had always been my favorite planet, and Mars in the close second. But no matter what they sa, even if we all must succumb to it, Pluto will always be Scorpios planet.

      Sorry for the rant, I feel talkative today for some strange reason.

  4. I want to go on a cruise soo bad!

    Note: Thanks for commenting on my new post. I am glad to know you like Pokemon.

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