Almost 10,000 Views!

Hey guys, we’re nearing 10,000 views here, and I can only seem to keep coming to the same question. What do you guys think we should do to celebrate for it? And most of all I want to say thank you, many thanks to all of you who always come and visit. I really do appreciate your views so much, it means a lot that some people call my blog a success.

Thats right people, 4 zeros baby.

Comments? Always appreciated.



10 Responses to “Almost 10,000 Views!”

  1. Andrew, nobody has to comment on anything

  2. Yesterday was my sister’s birthday! Comment on her post.

  3. Can I ask you to post on my new post? Because tonight I am posting two posts. Also today is my sister’s (Patricia) birthday. Dude. I am halfway to 1000 views. :)

  4. Haha, and I was excited because I passed 8,000. Congratulations on being close to reaching 10,000. When did you start your blog?

  5. 10000! nice! I like your blog. You don’t post about things that bore me or freak me out (unless in a good way) Maybe a contest like a scavenger hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or a guess the answer, or a code…

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