Neko Case-A Lovely Voice

This girl write the best song lyrics, next to Bright Eyes that is, her voice just sounds so unusual from the things you’re forced to hear on the radio nowadays. I’ve never really like rap all that much, or pop. People consider the music I listen to “weird” because I don’t listen to the mainstream notes and songs like they typically do.

But just recently discovered a few gems in the murky cavern that is music, one of them being Neko Case. Here are a few videos I found for all of you, so that you may listen her surprisingly pleasant sound. My all-time favorite music video is the one dubbed “Maybe Sparrow”.


Going to see Iron Man 2 tonight, known about its release months ahead of time. I still really only want to see The Nightmare On Elm Street, but nobody wants to take me. Have a nice Friday.

Comments? Always Appreciated.



3 Responses to “Neko Case-A Lovely Voice”

  1. But seriously, didn’t you even read the title at first glance, obvoiusly my names not Neko Case. Its Samantha, hence my username. ou’d have to just like look specifically at that picture and just make any old assumption about it.

    Plus I’ve drawn myself, what I look like. And I know you’ve commented on those, so did have a temporary mental shutdown or something?

  2. I was so freaked out because I thought that girl was you. Least I read the post. I am going to see iron man 2 on my birthday part which is in 2 days. Especially in Imax. Nightmare on Elm street is kind of weird and I saw part of the movie. Creepy, though you are not creepy. The movie is.

    • Uhh, ya obviously I’m no Neko Case. XD The original A Nightmare On Elm Street will probably be better than this new one. :/

      Oh and word to the WISE, you should always read the post. ;)

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