You’ve Entered My Domain

Prepare Yourself Fool.

Something that I drew on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and HEY look at that COLOR. Feel grateful, again I’m sorry if the colors are off, the skins supposed to be green and the outfit blue. What do you think? Spent a solid hour on it, and its especially tiring when its 4:00 a.m. you know. Anyways enjoy!

Anyone notice the change  made with my Irken-sona from previous posts?

Comments? Always appreciated.



3 Responses to “You’ve Entered My Domain”

  1. Wow that is amazing. Do you do those on the computer or by hand? Do you ink them? How do you color? Ha so many questions… wow four am? The only thing I do at that time is homework :)

    • Thank you. C: I draw them on the computer with my tablet and then I color them on the comp. using the Paint program. I do much better work when drawing by hand, but sadly I don’t have a scanner… :C

      Inking only involves when using a pen with traditional art, otherwise its just doing the line art.

      • Wow, I remember you wrote a model of me having Poison Ivy. Hehehehe. I usually draw with my hand. I am really good at it.

        Hey Sammy, you know how you had that contest a few months ago? Well now I have a contest of my own. Thought you would love to participate.

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