If I Ever Had A Garden

If I ever did grow up to have such a stable income as to afford to grow some flowers, vegetables, etc. I have to say I started giving it some serious thought and I finally decided on the top seven flowers I would want to have, but mostly they would just house plants.

Gardens are more for growing, the sprouting up of fruits and vegetables. Ah, gardens… was there ever such a thought that would be against them? Yes? Then speak up, if you have something to say!

Comments? Always appreciated.



9 Responses to “If I Ever Had A Garden”

  1. Tulips are beautiful flowers :)

  2. Haha, the only thing I KNOW I don’t have is a begonia. I’m not sure about the carnation though. Lily of the valley smells really good.
    It’s really easy to get a garden going. All it takes is a bit of work. Let me know if you ever want advice! I’m certainly available!

    • Oh, why not? c: Begonias are beautiful plants you know, carnations as well. I would love o have a garden, but my mom only ever plants one type of flower in the flower beds each year and we don’t have any more room for anything else. :C

      • We haven’t gotten around to buying those flowers yet hahaha. It won’t take us long to get them though, I’m sure.
        Only ONE flower?! Doesn’t she know it’s bad to have only one species of flower in a garden. It allows diseases and pests to take over very quickly unless you use dozens of pesticides. You should make another flower bed! It doesn’t take much work, just clear a bit of earth and plant a few things.

      • Well you see that leads unto another issue… We’re actaully going to be moving to her fiances house pretty soon, this year, and I guess she just doesn’t want to put in some extra effort for the yard.

      • That’s what my mom kept telling me! Only she told me that for seven years. And now that I DO have a yard, I’ve gone crazy. She never believed that I would do any yard work, but I manage to do more than her, haha.
        Well once you get moved in, make sure to take over his yard. He’ll probably appreciate it.

  3. I bet you would have a great garden, love the flowers.

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