Ode To The Four.

I see the sun and its rays shining down,
Awful star that make lovers eyes gleam,
The star drains the color from my gown,
Light that burns my every single dream,

And no relief there comes with the night,
All of the stars are only scarred dreams,
The moons complexion; pale ghostly white,
Nothing felt when dancing in moonbeams,

Mother Earth gets payback during high noon,
While her children are in the glimpse of the sun,
Mother Earth, oh she always cries to soon,
Forced to unravel the work humanity has done,

Everyday & every glance I tell them it’s in vain,
It won’t be my fault; the realization must argue,
They stand there on the side calling me insane,
Can’t blame the truth when you finally come to.


Comments? Always appreciated.



One Response to “Ode To The Four.”

  1. Cool poem (like always). It sounds like a nice (beautiful) poem.

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