Faster Than Print

You know ts really quite strange, but I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately. Usually I don’t write so many in such a short interval. Tell me if you enjoy it.

Running faster than all the speed of disregard,
Inching ever closer to the edge than 6 feet below,
As we hear the apocalyptic news from the bard,
Its always an unbelievably frightening titanic blow,

The wind beat us to ashes & lifted them away,
And all the oceans screamed your sad stories,
Too many innocent are condemned to the fray,
And the lonesome wake took away all our glories,

Agitation is overrated; but it still picks us apart,
The younger wings not yet been ripped right off,
All the sharp edges piercing our old mournful heart,
As aged tears fall for all the ignorant bloods scoff,

We once held written words with such affections,
Anxiety is smitten, all you’re asking is a question,
Just keep running ’till you lose all your defections,
They begin to care less, keep quiet your suggestions,

The realization comes, your dead limbs won’t move,
Like a deep hypnosis, an alter-ego shines through,
Every single being says: “You got nothing to prove.”,
You’ve been informed in whisper; “It’s your cue…”.


Comments? Always appreciated.



3 Responses to “Faster Than Print”

  1. It’s okay, just wanted to tell you. :D

  2. Sammy, I have been putting several posts with links to your blog. I’m sorry you didn’t see or notice.

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