10,000 Contest-GO BELOW FOR UPDATES-

Guys go below for updates, this is a sticky post it will be up until the contest is over.

I know this happened awhile back, but I have actually been in preparation for this event for quite a long time, getting questions ready and such for this momentous occasion. So I do hope everyone participates in this contest, which was decided in a farther back post where you all voted. Either way lets get this started shall we?

1. When did I get back from my vacation in Florida?

2. What are two things that I undeniably hate?

3. When was my last scavenger hunt held?

4. What Edgar Allen Poe poem have I posted here?

5. Whats my favorite number?

6. Who is the other author here?

7. When was my blog created?

Well good luck everybody, but let me tell you about the prizes… To the first two people to answer all these questions correctly, you will get an advertisement on my blog and 1 picture from me, of your choice just tell me what you want. Perhaps I’ll even color it, hint, hint.

Comments? Always appreciated.



7 Responses to “10,000 Contest-GO BELOW FOR UPDATES-”

  1. Sammy, Kraftymom or whatever his name is either accusing, lying or saying that Gil is a cheater. WTF? Who the hell does he think he is. Sammy, you knew Gil (Amber) for awhile. Talk with him. I’ll deal with Kraftymom.

    Note: I got 532 views, IN ONE DAY!!!!! :)

    • Well, I don’t really know “Kraftymom”… And I think since their name is KraftyMOM that “he” would be a she. Second of all I don’t like to get mixed into fights, it always ends up badly trust me I know.

      Sometimes people get angry over nothing at all, but I’ll talk to Gil soon, see whats up.

  2. But, I got those questions correct right?

    • I can’t tell you that would be giving away possible answers to other people.

      • Have you commented on Willow’s blog? We got along. Have you commented on my blog? I don’t know about that. Willow needs your massive comments and so do I. Lol. I’m trying to make myself laugh.

  3. x) You have to get all of them…

  4. 1: March 1, 2010


    5: January 29, 2010

    8: Scizzorlizzard

    9:August 5th 2009

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