Story: A Damp Street Corner

The rain was softly tapping the pavement, only so far coming down drizzling as it began its quest to dampen the city. The glow of that single street lamp was only a soft fuzzy haze, and its humming was whispers to a vagabonds ear. But along with the rain’s gentle gesture to the ground it seemed to make a beautiful, forlorn melody which was sweet to my ears as sensation is to mouth. The lamps dull brilliance was in fact drowned out more by the rain’s soft blue blur of the world. I slightly quickened my pace through the street, elevating my amble to slightly under a trot.  The street, was completely deserted save for a beggar hunched over on the side of the apartment Le Solitaire. The wretch was passed out. A broken bottle lay nearby his filthy hand, his hat tipped on an angle to hide his wicked face.

I hoped he wouldn’t awaken in a drunkards state of mind outside of my abode, in my discontented worry I stopped walking only to find myself stare at this specter of a man. So strange the situation seemed all to familiar to me, my skin shivered, ‘What if I was a man like that?’ I thought. My thoughts were halted as the man stirred in his drunken slumber, my best thought was to do him justice… although he’d probably just drink in whatever I gave him in alms. I took out a 5 franc piece from my pocket, and lay it quietly inside the man’s grimy palm.

I then kept on with a slow walk, my spirit for some reason having no feeling to speed through the street any faster than this.

-Chapter Two Coming Soon-

Comments? Always appreciated.



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