School. Is. Out!

Very rarely do I ever put the exclamation mark in the title of my posts, so feel honored and mark this momentous occasion. I said. Mark it. Because I know you didn’t just now. How? I’m looking in through your window of course. Anyways…


Isn’t that the best feeling in the entire world? Knowing you can just loaf around and do whatever you want (whatever mother dictates) for the entire summer? I’m just going to sit back, and relax my aching brain muscles now. Months of useless knowledge makes your brain hurt.

Seriously, all the stuff people remark me for as “smart”, I haven’t learned in school. Funny that way isn’t it? So, for those of you who are still in school (shouldn’t you be doing your homework?), I hope you are having a “fun” time and that your owners (teachers) will let you out of your learning cages (school) very soon.

Comments? Always appreciated.



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