Anger Issues Are A Possibility…

Possibility; a window almost always left open. But indeed it is closed at very rare times, but to further analyze we need more time than I can spare at the moment. So we shall have that for a different day, a not so busy evening day. I am quite late in posting again… Darn my procrastination.

My mother has just personally informed me that she, and I quote: “…hate your attitude.” But she fails to see depth in her scream, my attitude is me and therefore, I cannot change my attitude without morfing myself into an incomprehensible, revolting image of former self. I am all that I am, and if she hates part of me, then she must despise all of me. It’s not the first time she has given this statement to me, many times in fact she’s said it.

Is it bad, does it make me a terrible person that is, that I find this all giddy (in the frivolous and lighthearted way)? It makes me laugh, it amuses me to a degree even. Not where I want to act where my mother punishes me because I’ve done something on purpose, no absolutely not, what do you take me for? I’d never do anything on purpose to cause my mother strife, indeed never. I find the fact that she hates my qualities amusing, I’m too much like my father and she knows it, she sees it, I know it as well.

But there is a point in which I simply cannot stand it any longer, for the first time in the age of my intelligible years I screamed, literally, my frusteration. Everyone was outside waiting for me in the car, and I suppose I just finally snapped, well a little bit of me that is. The rest is still bottled up somewhere, I’m not sure.

But, you know what the most hilarious part of it all is? I bet you don’t. My attitude is simply just neutral. I don’t take sides, I try to do everything without an opinion, I personally find it easier that way. But I guess its this unapt facade that angers her so much, oh well I enjoy her frusteration.

But don’t go around and tell HER that, it ruins the fun.

Comments? Always appreciated.



4 Responses to “Anger Issues Are A Possibility…”

  1. Eh, you’ll be out of her house in a few years, and then you only have to see her at the family reunions.
    What did she say to your scream though?

    • Our family don’t usually take the time to put together reunions, it happens very rarely. I believe that I’ve only ever been to one. Oh, I thought I said it in the post but I suppose not.

      I screamed very loud, or at least so I thought, but it turns out that nobody actually even heard me.

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