I spend my time under a deep dark blanket,
The cold floor beneath is dark also as well,
It is an abyss, gravity does not affect it,
I don’t fall or plummet, in dread I hover above,

I’m unable to fall, something keeps me,
I don’t know what this entity is or may be,
If it’s trying to assist me, or mocking me,
Why doesn’t it drop me? Why don’t I fall?

It frightens me, why does it take this time?
This time I’m not worth to keep me afloat?
Time is an illusion & illusions are priceless,
I’m worth not a centime, an unclassy being,

Made of carbon and unruly fire, I only kill,
Never do I create, my spirit only destroys,
Natural anger raw & contained, uncontrolled,
My mind cries when my spirit laughs, I only kill,

This dark alcove is always terribly transparent,
But still no light shines through, my hunger grows,
You can see all the horrors of the world outside,
Without even actually quite seeing them at all,

You hear the outsiders screams, lies, and anguish,
But the ones inside this hovel feel nothing at all,
They look, they see, they hear, but no emotions,
Nothing is felt for those trapped inside or outside,

The untiled floor, oh the abyss is another ordeal,
This hell chills your lower half, & gnaws your bones,
You can no longer feel your toes & your feet numb,
It tries to suck you in, but in my sad case cannot,

This limbo doesn’t permit movement, only senses,
You hear cries below you… coming from the darkness,
The blackness uninhabitable? No, souls reside there,
They claw at your feet and try to drag you under,

But they cannot drag me down, something keep me,
It isn’t strong enough to free me, but keep me? Yes,
It cannot pull the dark blanket off my entire being,
But it keeps me, it saves me from the pain above

Although it cannot rescue me from the pain below,
It tried to approach me, once or twice, in fact,
But it frightened me & I averted my terrified eyes,
It leaves quietly, I don’t know what it is or may be,

But it’s always there, saving me from half the pain,
Though its presence is hardly sensible, hardly there,
I feel it in the screams of outsiders, their rare glee,
I feel it in the rare warmth compared to the cold.


Comments? Always appreciated.


2 Responses to “Empathy”

  1. Thank you, but no need to alert me. I do remember to check up on Willow too. c:

  2. Thanks for the awesome poem and the awesome comments on my blog. I’ll alert you if Willow has 10,000 views. He’s coming close to it.

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