Contest Cancelation/Winner & Misc.

I took the contest post down of the front page, or AKA it’s no longer a “sticky post”.  So the contest for my 10,000 views thing was canceled early, due to absolutely nobody having the interest to enter except Andrew. So Andrew thanks a lot for entering you will be featured this week. So that’s about it…

Oh ya, well that and apparently my mother can’t wait two minutes for me to wake out of my coma of a nap, grab Les Miserables to read during my sisters game and let me get my shoes. So I’m home alone, because they left me here. No that I’d wanted to go anyways, I hate softball.

Whatever, I’m gonna go read up about the moth-man & then lose myself in the Discovery Channel.

Comments? Always appreciated.


3 Responses to “Contest Cancelation/Winner & Misc.”

  1. Hey thanks for featuring me. I tried to get your contest answers. Well, I am very honored.

  2. Read the first paragraph? :neutral:

  3. This sounds so funny. Hehehe. Makes me laugh.

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