Hey, everyone! Andrew won, or rather nobody else entered, my 10,000 views contest. Which means he gets to be featured this week, I give him a “free” advertisement on my blog, for answering some of the questions, which he got correct. Which by tradition, tends to be positive.

Andrew: A 11 year old boy with a heart for blogging. He posts almost everyday, or tries to, about how his day went, his friends, interests, etc. I have known him only for a few months, and although his remarks are sometimes uncalled for, or a little blunt; He is overall a very nice boy and you should go over stop by and comment. He almosts always responds to everyone and is a very agreeable person to get along with if you have similiar interests.

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Comments? Always appreciated.



14 Responses to “Andrew-Feature”

  1. How’d you know I struggle with posting?

  2. LOL only Sammy can make things which are bad sound good :)

  3. Hey, you forgot I’m 11, my birthday was on May 8, 2010. I’m not going advertise much. But thanks for saying the most truthful things in the nicest way, even though you said my bad remarks, you made them sound good looking. :)

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