Hello, You Broke Your What?

Ya, sorry I didn’t post on Saturday or whatever. I’ve just been feeling sorta depressed lately, that and I didn’t really have that much spare to time to get on the internet. So that said, I apologize.

So you never guess what happened on Thursday, I didn’t find out until like Friday or Saturday, but my mother broke her foot falling down her fiance’s stairs. The most pathetic part about it? That she broke her foot one step from the ground, no joke, my mom broke her foot on one step.

What was my reaction when I found out? I’m a little ashamed of this myself, but I couldn’t stop giggling. My dad thought it was pretty funny too, we couldn’t stop laughing, I tell you. Even when my hobbled into the room we laughed a little bit.

I know, I know. I’m a horrible person for laughing at my mother, but perhaps its just karma coming back around.

Comments? Always appreciated.



8 Responses to “Hello, You Broke Your What?”

  1. I don’t think Karma is a joke. It’s a gypsy kind of thing. It’s also hetro, I think. I would laugh too, my mom would understand. But I would still support her all the way. Just my advice on this.

    P.S I need your perspective on a very important post. Here’s the link: https://andrewpaladie.wordpress.com/2010/06/14/what-do-you-call-a-person-that-sleeps-with-the-same-blanket-and-pillow-he-had-around-3/#respond

    • I read that post yesterday, and Karma isn’t a gypsy thing, far from it in fact. I just laughed ’cause I thought it was funny that she broke her leg falling down 1 step.

      • Well, what do you think by your perspective? Well, when my aunt looked on Wikipedia it said it’s gypsy. Why the hell would they put that? Anyways, it would usually take 9 steps then my mom would fall off a step. But, she usually catches a firm grip before falling on her head.

    • Karma isn’t a gypsy thing. That’s completely the wrong time period and ethnic base.

  2. Hahaha, that’s terrible! It must’ve been a slippery weekend because I saw a couple people stumble also. How long until she’s full recovered?

    • Well, it was so late at night that apparently no doctor qualified to make an informed decision was there to diagnose. So she’s going this week to find out for sure, we’re guessing 6-8 weeks.

      • I don’t understand how it is that there isn’t always a qualified doctor on site. If you don’t even know when an ankle is broken or twisted or what-have-you, how is it you managed to get a degree in the medical field?

      • Well, there were nurses on site. But they didn’t quite know what was wrong with her leg. I found it pretty hard to swallow to, shouldn’t there always be a QUALIFIED doctor around?

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