A Dwelling On Procrastination

Do you even know how late is here? Ah, but you see I’m technically not late posting, it’s only 11:53 p.m. here. So, HA. You may question me as you like but the fact is at heart, I’m a proud procrastinator and the most obvious possibility is that nobody will ever change that.

Well who can blame an idle human such as ourselves, or at least most likely, for wanting life to be care-free as it possibly could be? It is a relaxing revolution of the mind, to just be free of responsibility. But what does a child know about what true procrastination is?

Think about it. Adults have much more tasks ahead of them in the early future, but most often children are the ones who laze their days away. Why? Because nothing is expected of us, and we take pride in that simple fact. When you are, as my old math teacher always said, “knee-high to a grasshopper” the world is so much more friendlier and maybe even sadly, brighter.

Comments? Always appreciated.



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