Going To The Theatre

Speaking of theatres, how many of you still spell theatre… well theatre? Many people use the more common of the spellings, theater, or just simply use the word, movies. Personally I just prefer spelling, theatre, because of the way it looks… so civilized. Anyways, I’m actually going to the movies tonight. A bunch of us are going to see Toy Story 3, ya I know we’re all such children aren’t we?

You know how many “easter eggs” (guest appearances from other movies) are in this move? A lot. See for yourself: http://www.slashfilm.com/2010/06/18/toy-story-3-easter-eggs/

But assure you I have a varied wide range of tastes, I love to play video games, particularly Pokémon and Little Big Planet, but I love to indulge in books and such, classical music is my fixation. And oh how I do love the musical theatre, I wish someone would take to one sometime… Personally I wouldn’t even care what play it would be, I would just like to go to one.

Comments? Always appreciated.



2 Responses to “Going To The Theatre”

  1. I wasn’t aware there was any other spelling besides theatre. But now that you’ve pointed it out I’ve realized that my spell check changes it over to the other spelling automatically. Interesting.
    I.CAN’T. WAIT. TO. SEE. THIS!!!!! I love the toy stories. One of my friends went to see it today and I told her I wanted to see it and she tried to spoil it for me by telling me that Andy dies. I turned into a mega bitch and told her I hated people who spoil movies when they know the people they’re telling really want to see it. And I also told her I was done talking to her for the rest of the day. She wasn’t too happy about that. Don’t mess with my Toy Story!

    • Yes, I believe that theatre is ‘ye olde spelling’. x)

      Toy Story is a great series! I should have watched it more when I was little. I still love it today too, unfortunately I don’t have any of the DVDs anymore. I think we used to have the first one on casette tape, but we got rid of all those last year.

      I hate people who give away movie plots, but only if they want to see it. Sometimes my parents don’t want to see movies, but they want to know what happens.

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