My Gallery

Why hello there! This page is just a compilation of everything I have drawn in my Bamboo Tablet, I may or may not have posted it here. But I guarantee if you see my work on any website where I am NOT an author, I didn’t give permission to post it. I apologize before hand for the terrible quality, if you want to see the correct versions you will have to find the post that picture would be from.

So please alert me to any art thievery you may have noticed, though I doubt it, I’m not that good.

Do I Take Requests? Yes.

Can I use your pictures? Ask first, then I’ll decide.










12 Responses to “My Gallery”

  1. nice gallery sis…
    i am really happy to find someone that likes drawing, because till now i can be a good drawer

  2. This can’t be all your pictures. You’ve drawn more than this. At least I thought you did…

  3. Nice gallery, can I ask when did you make this post?

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