Pimping My Friends

Hi everybody! This page is a special tribute to everybody out there who has ever came and became one of my closer friends. This page is just to give you guys the love you deserve for being so great! Please visit their sites to give them some views! C: 

The following people ROCK! <3






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17 Responses to “Pimping My Friends”

  1. Looks like I’ve been removed off your list. I remember when I was on this list. And the good days we were always talking. (Sighing)

    • I took you off because I thought you said you didn’t want to be up there any more. And what are you talking about? We talk to each other all the time.

  2. Hey can you please add me on here?

  3. You can’t just ask… >_>

  4. well thanks you. c:

  5. aww thnx so much! ur so sweet!

  6. Glad it does. <3 For that is it's purpose.

  7. That makes my day :}

  8. Oh! I do! *hugs* Thanks you putting me on your list!

  9. does someone need a hug?

  10. girl i love u *trys to smile through tears of happiness/sadness*

  11. scizzorlizzard Says:

    LoL I know

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