Poetry by Myself

1. Laughing At The Doorway

Open the door for your eyes only,
The darkness stares back so lonely,
Oh I’ll push inside,
Enjoy the ride.

Watch that first step,
It’s quite hilarious.

I hope you crawl all around.
Scrounging on the ground.
Just looking for the light switch,

The glowing red eyes,
Full of hatred, despise.
For your eyes only.

I hope you get a comfy seat.
Oh so nice we got to meet,
Because you’re a VIP,
Come on grab a front row chair.

Want you to have a lovely view,
Remember your eyes only,
This is just for you.


2. The Elf Counsel

Your heart was whole at a time,
But you’re still in your prime,
Yet the worst thing is not talking to you,
Trust me this is oh so true,

You have me to look after you,
I’ll shelter you through,
All the clouded misty future,
I’ll clear the fog so you can see,

I’ll take your weary hand,
And guide you through the wasteland,
That you once seeked shelter in,
I’m ready whenever your ready to begin,

I’ll be all the solace,
I promise you at least this,
When you need embrace I’ll be there,
Listen to me when I say not to be scared,

I’ll be your friend every day,
Even if you choose the wrong way,
Even if the faults not your own,
Blame can run through where wind had blown,

But if it’s destroyed I’ll be your home,
I’ll give you shelter from the outside,
Where the world maybe unforgiving,
To all those who are the living,

But I’ll be there,
Waiting here,
And even if some day I disappear,
I’ll replace the blame with warm wind,

And when the cold comes over,
I’ll drive it hastily away,
I’d gladly do it everyday,
Wherever you’d go I’d make the warm wind follow.


3. Did You Know?

Did you maybe ever hear me,
Or maybe even perhaps see,
To share the sugar and the tea,
You never were around to a degree,

Your place was empty vacant space,
Strong prejudice against a different race,
If so what was your distasteful case,
Yet together we are bound be each lace,

I couldn’t seperate you from I,
Even though I see you just as a sty,
Just an infection to both our eyes,
If the only way to leave was to die,

Perhaps I’d contemplate it at the most,
And if only I could I’d fly to every coast,
I’d flap my feathered wings farewell to boast,
Then you’d raise all your glasses to a toast,

No doubtful eyes watch as I flew past the ocean,
Into the last evening sky in a storm’s motion,
Your glance would shift to different commotion,
Hoping me to leave was your only devotion,

As I flew away fading was my silhouette,
Would a turn for one last glance be an asset,
But you never say that I wasn’t a threat,
Well now I’m gone… simple as that.


4. The Black Hole

Hello? Help, is anybody out there,
I should know…doesn’t someone care,
I realize by now I can’t drown despair,
I came to still, held together by a tear,

In the chair next to the galaxy’s window,
Pondering all the possibility of winnow,
Or escape through the water like a minnow,
Maybe spin my own web, already a widow,

To cry for help… is always the mistake,
And I, being the only one left to forsake,
All love dented, it only exhists to break,
Trapped, but always first to see daybreak,

See golden skies consumed in my entrapment,
Not yet to despise daylight with any resent,
The light turning my sight blank and absent,
The darkness is sad but so enticingly brilliant,

Bliss I cry! Blind eyes can cry yes it is so,
Then! Shaken from my planet falling below,
Swallowed where light doesn’t even want to go,
Or shouldn’t for no escape…none high or low,

I drowned in darkness, still mourning for my soul,
Tossed me aside as soon I had taken my toll,
It was all empty…everything black as coal,
Took everything away I ever had then stole…

Away, traveling as quickly as the light,
So it could make others lose their might,
Take all energy and go forced without sight,
No breath, no beauty, just blackness airtight…


5. Behind Beauty

Hey look its the pretty girl,
Blonde haired blue eyed pretty girl,
Tired of the yelling, that pretty girl,

Hey look its the pretty girl,
Such a terribly sad, pitiful pretty girl,
Crying in the bathroom that pretty girl,

Hey look its the pretty girl,
Feeling so cold and alone the pretty girl,
Blonde hair limp, wet blue eyed pretty girl,

Hey look its the pretty girl,
She’s a vacant and forlorn pretty girl,
Her blue eyes pleading that pretty girl,

Please somebody save that pretty girl…


6. Act I: The Descent

I simply just don’t understand,
The world used to constantly expand,
We sailed our ships to distant shores,
But that’s not happening anymore,

We flew our planes up so high,
Hoping to take a piece of the sky,
Until we began our toxic descent,
Into the infinite.

We never let our emotions guide us,
Never realized or never followed trust,
I guess we just never came too,
And now it has to be cut through.

Our world has become hell,
A cold and dead lifeless shell…


7. Act II: The Falling & Those Unaffected By Gravity

We dug our own deathbed,
We buried our fallen, our dead,
Couldn’t resist the sensation,
Most couldn’t see the illumination,

Dim glow was sent as a warning,
That both dead & living would be mourning,
A simple decision.
To always hold close to derision,

But they are the fallen now,
The remaining avow,
That the world is no longer livable,
Humanity has done the inexcusable.

But the good souls are to remain,
Though their efforts may be in vain,
Others fall but they did not rest,
Trying to relieve the Earth, distressed.


8. My Mother’s Weddings

At my mother’s wedding,
Future memories are heading,
At my mother’s wedding,
By the beach’s side waves are sledding,

Strangers with similar blood treading,
At my mother’s wedding,
On simple sand close to beheading,
At my mother’s wedding,

The waves & setting sun spreading,
At my mother’s wedding,
Cake and the vows never shredding,
At my mother’s wedding,

I listen quite closely dreading,
At my mother’s wedding,
For the quite long ago similar setting…

T’was at my mother’s wedding.



7 Responses to “Poetry by Myself”

  1. PiterJankovich Says:

    My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

  2. Those are amazing. It all fits together wonderfully. Keep up the good work!

  3. scizzorlizzard Says:

    How can you write this so well?? These are amazing!!! :) LoL and for some reason you aren’t in advanced language class.

  4. scizzorlizzard Says:

    Thats awesome! Great structure, I especially like the line,
    “I hope you get a comfy seat
    Oh so nice we got to meet
    Because you’re a VIP
    C’mon grab a front row chair”
    Great job, keep up the great work!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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