A Doodle/Exhaustion

I have no idea what this is, pretty much just a girl with a gun and apparently her head had just been blown clean off. Anyways please enjoy, I need more sleep I’m so tired. My internal sleep clock will not allow me however, I have schedule for things like sleep and now is not the time for it.

Exhaustion, however much we despise the concept, we often bring upon ourselves and maybe its a healthy thing teaches one’s mind and spirit not to be to comfortable. Sarcasm? Perhaps, perhaps. Either way, enjoy the picture.

Comments? Always appreciated.



10 Responses to “A Doodle/Exhaustion”

  1. Sammy,

    Your song Knives and Pens (black veil brides) reminds me of another song that is just as disgusting and screaming as Knives and Pens is. Now, you said Knives and Pens are alternative, well this song is actually metal. but has he same screaming and low voice ability as Knives and Pens has. The band is called Slipknot song is named psychosocial.
    Here’s the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wws7mnMewPw

    • I’ve already heard of slipknot, IN FACT I already listen to Slipknot. And how dare you insult my music taste, they don’t have low voice talent and they’re not ‘disgusting’.

      The people in these bands often have more voice talent then some of the better known artists. :mad: Andrew its one thing not to like them, but to insult them publicly is just rude and abominable!

      • ah dude,

        u took this thing the wrong way. I said they speak low voice. Don’t you notice when the guy in Knives and Pens is screaming he speaking in low tone. That’s what I was referring to. I am not insulting you. I just thought the blood was disgusting.

      • No, you said and I quote:

        “…reminds me of another song that is just as disgusting and screaming…”

        “…has he same screaming and low voice ability…”

        THOSE sounded like insults, what you meant to say by ‘disgusting’ should have been ‘cool’ and what you meant by ‘low voice ability’ (as in NOT good) you meant as ‘he has the ability to sing the lower notes’.

        I’m sorry if I mistook what you said, but you should have been more specific.

      • ah I have to learn my mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. :)

      • Look its really no big deal, you just need to word things clearer. So, sorry.

  2. Oh yes she did. She’s a wonderful artist. I hope she’ll get an arts degree. :)

  3. Did you draw this?

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